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How to do the Macy's Parade

I was able to gather from other blogs on a "how to" for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. So I think it is only fair to share the details for others.

The parade starts at 9:00 AM on 77th and Central, and ends at about 10:30 AM at the same spot. If you are at the end on 34th, it may start at 9:30 and end about 11:30 AM.

We stayed in NJ overnight for only $60/night at the Ramada in East Orange. The hotel is not great but it was cheap, and the only one I could find that is walking distance to a train station. We took the 1st possible train that left at 6.14 AM and arrived at 6:47 AM at Penn Station (34th street). We walked over to where some were gathered and it was crowded, but in hind-sight we should have stayed.

We took a subway to 59th to get abetter view, and at 59th, we really should have stayed. The view was not as great, but we would have been hugging the gate.

We then walked north to about 73rd. We could not get on th eCentral Park Side. We thought we would be able to, but it was blocked off. So we watched from the city side at 73rd.

There was a car parked there and our kids sat on top to see better.

We could see all the balloons and some of the floats.

Santa Claus is on a float about 7 stories high, so everyone gets a great view of him, and he waves at everyone.

At 73rd, it was over at 10:30 and that was all I could handle. We had been up since 4.30 AM.
We had a great time. Next time, I might be willing to go when I can afford to stay in Manhatten and be willing to camp out at before 3 AM.

Asher is almost 5 and made me carry him on his shoulders most of the way.

Kingston is 2, and rode the stroller.

Liam is 7 and walked all over the city. He complained on Firday, but was a very good sport.


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